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Fishing Introduction

If fishing is your passion, then you're in for a real treat. Big game billfish and other class of big game fish thrive off Puerto Rico's coast year round. Scattered throughout the islands interior are many lakes and basins, stocked with a variety of freshwater game, as well. As one boat captain casually put it, "The fish are here for the taking." What follows is a brief description of fishing locations and the peak season for catching our most popular game. 


Deep Sea Fishing

Off the coast of Puerto Rico, deep sea fishing game includes such types as albacore, allison tuna, black fin tuna, blue marlin, bonefish, skipjack (bonito), grouper, jack king, mackerel, tarpon, white marlin and yellow tuna. Yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna and skipjack (bonito) are in season all year round. Autumn is the time for sailfish and wahoo. From November through April there's a good chance for catching Dorado (deep-sea dolphin fish).


Of all the game available off our shores, Puerto Rico is best known for its big game, the majestic blue marlin. You'll have your best luck catching one during late summer along "Blue Marlin Alley." This stretch of water is about 15 to 30 minutes off the coast of San Juan Harbor. With very little luck, one can catch a blue marlin practically anytime of the year, but during peak season it's not uncommon for a fisherman to reel in several blue marlins in a single day. White marlin are also prevalent around our shores. They're spotted along our coast all year long. The peak season for white marlin lasts from late January through May. Peak seasons for other billfish occurs from mid May to late October.

Favorite sites for fishing charter operators include a superb spot just 30 to 45 minutes east from the docks of Fajardo. In southern Lajas, the waters off La Parguera offers big game fishing just 30 to 45 minutes from its docks. Farther east, along this same coast, boats for hire take fishermen just 45 to 60 minutes out from Ponce shores, where virgin fishing grounds still exist.

International Billfish Tournaments take place in Puerto Rico at certain times throughout the year. More than 30 deep-sea fishing world records have been established in waters around our Island.


Freshwater Game

Fisherman and boaters in pursuit of freshwater game well be pleasantly surprised by the vast network of fly, and light tackle fishing sites available throughout the Island. Bring your own rod and tackle on a drive across the interior, and discover natural lakes and man-made basins stocked with catfish, bass, sábalo (shad), sardines, sunfish, and tilapia to name a few. 


If you plan to be on the north side of the island, you can try fishing on one of the many lakes scattered throughout the northern interior. A favorite for newcomers is the well known fishing hole, and third largest lake on the island, Dos Bocas Lake. This body of water is situated less than 5 miles northeast of Utuado, off routes #123, #612 and #146.

Some popular fishing lakes can also be found in Puerto Rico's central region. Lake Guineo and Lake Matrullas are two popular holes located in the Toro Negro Forest. Both man made basins are the highest situated lakes on the island. They're stocked with plenty of bass, catfish, sunfish, tilapia and sardines and present a good opportunity for fly fishing.


On the south side of the island, visitors will find many fabulous lakes including Lake Toa Vaca. This body of water is situated south of the town of Villalba. You need a permit from the (AAA) Autoridad de Acuaductos y Alcantarillados to fish here.


Fly Casting

Fly casting enthusiasts will enjoy our Islands' salt water fly fishing alternative. Some good places to cast your line include shallow coastal ways and sandy flatlands located at several points along the coast. And, for an enchanting experience try casting a line in the mangrove islets just east of La Parguera, along the southern coast of the Lajas region. Here is a perfect place to put your skills to the test. Tropical species such as bonefish, permit and tarpon are the typical catch of the day. Fish just for the sport, but watch out! This catch is bigger and tougher than your usual fresh water game. Reference our

What follows is a seasonal fishing chart to help you locate the seasons our most popular fish can be caught.

Seasonal Fishing Chart


Peak Season

FishType Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Blackfin Tuna                        
Blue Marlin                        
Needle Fish                        
White Marlin                        
Yellowfin Tuna                        




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