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Other Sports  

Auto Racing 

Two speedways on the island offer auto racing at it's finest. One is the Salinas International Speedway in the southern town of Salinas. For more information and for schedules call the Salinas International Speedway at 747-0319. The second speedway is the Caribbean Raceway Park in Carolina. For more information and schedules call the Caribbean Raceway Park at 768-3424, 768-3752.



Puerto Rico's Professionals Baseball  winter-circuit begins in November and ends in January.  The league is composed of six teams from Arecibo, Caguas, Mayagüez, Ponce, San Juan, and Santurce. Some Major League players have participated at these island-wide events.


The end of the pro season marks the beginning of the amateur season. Well known leagues all across the Island go at it head to head in a fierce competition from late October to early February. 16 teams make up this amateur league. Games are inexpensive. The winners of this tournament will go on to participate in the Caribbean Series which is composed of the best of the Caribbean and South American teams.



Bowling is taken very serious here in Puerto Rico. Well maintained bowling alleys are located throughout the island. A couple of miles south of Dorado lies the Tower Lane Bowling around the small town of Toa Baja. You'll find the Cupey alley in Trujillo Alto, located south of San Juan's metropolitan area. San Juan itself has a bowling alley named Paradise Bowling. If you're on the western region of the Island, visit the Western Bowling alley in Mayagüez. If you're on the Southern coast try Ponce Bowling in the town of Ponce.


The World Tenpin Team Cup is held December 1st through the 7th. Bowling teams, from around the world compete for this international championship at the municipality of Carolina's Bowling Center. For information, call 758-7830.



Cockfighting has been a popular sport in Puerto Rico for a very long time. Fighting sessions take place all around the island, commonly between the locals. Visitors to the Island can witness a cockfight at Isla Verde's Club Gallistico on Saturdays from November through August.



Discovering the many scenic routes in Old San Juan, Isla Verde and Condado on bicycle can be a rewarding pastime adventure. In addition, the Island features various cycling events that include an annual international competition held around the second week of May in the town of Sabana Grande. About  130 athletes from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean attend this prelude to other sports events sponsored by Sabana Grande.


El Gran Trialo is one of the toughest triathlons on the island.  The event is held at the south west region of Puerto Rico, and includes a 1.8 kilometer swim across Isla de Ratones, a 40 mile bike ride along Joyuda, and a 10 mile run along Cabo March.


Hang Gliding

Soar through the air on a flying adventure you'll never forget. Experience Puerto Rico's amazing countryside from a different perspective, as you reach heights greater than 5,000 feet and distances of 100 plus miles.


There are numerous launch sites on the island, with certified instructors and programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Tour packages are available in some places. If you want to hang glide, but don't want to go it alone, try a tandem flight, where you fly alongside an instructor. You'll learn the basics in hand gliding and at the same time enjoy the breathtaking panorama. There are maximum weight and height limits for tandem flights.

An average hand gliding flight usually cost less than $100. Age restrictions include parental permission for minors. Candidates must be in good physically condition, with the ability to run.


Jet Skiing

Jet skies are permitted off most beaches around Puerto Rico. You can rent a jet ski at selected beaches throughout the Island.


Rappelling & Rock Climbing

There are so many mountains and cliffs in Puerto Rico, it's no wonder this island is slowly becoming the rock climbing and rappelling destination of the world.


If your idea of outdoor fun lies in the act of rappelling (vertical rope descent) over a cliff and descending 200 feet (60 meters) down an enormous sinkhole, or ancient cave formation, if your translation for excitement means rock climbing or tyro leaning (horizontal highline maneuvers) steep cliff walls as you journey through a rugged tropical forest, or highline traverse hundreds of feet over natural pools, and waterfalls, then Puerto Rico is the place for you. All these adventures are possible here on our island.


If you're really looking for an extremely challenging tour, one that's sure to peak the adrenaline of any adventurer, and at the same time offer a chance to explore some of Puerto Rico's back country, then try a nature tour offered by some of the best guides around the island. Tour masters combine an extreme program of rock climbing, rappelling, body rafting, spelunking, hiking and bungee jumping.


Most tour operators have age restrictions and accept only candidates from ages 12 and up. People under 21 must be accompanied by an adult to participate in these outings. You must be in good physical condition. Individual pricing can go as high as $125 per person, and should include gear. Persons with the information necessary to help plan your adventure can be found in the Sports Data table.



Many foot races are held in Puerto Rico every year. The San Blas de Illescas Half Marathon is held annually, usually the first Sunday in February, around the town of Coamo. Hundreds of runners from around the world, participate in this 13.1 mile race, and an estimated two hundred thousand fans show up to cheer them on. The race is run in conjunction with the annual festival of Saint Blas, the patron of Coamo, a tradition that started in 1957. Call 825-2775, 787-845-4077, or visit their website at: for information.


The Enrique Ramirez Marathon is held in Lajas as a qualifier race for the local runners aspiring to represent Puerto Rico in the Olympics, the Pan American Games and the Central American Games. The Women's Marathon is held in Guayanilla  in November. It's an invitational race, for women representing over 30 countries throughout the world. The Modesto Carrión race is held around the town of Juncos in November. It commemorates  Puerto Rico's best runner. La Guadalupe Marathon is held around the town of Ponce in November. This is a 40-mile race.


The Teodoro Moscoso Marathon is held in San Juan in mid February. This is a 10K race celebrating the anniversary of the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. More than 250 countries compete for cash prizes. The race begins and ends on the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. For information, call Tel. 767-9191, 767-2000, 800-866-7827, or visit their website:



Puerto Rico boast many beautiful beaches around its coast. There's plenty of opportunity for bathing, casual and intensive swimming along the shore. Many of the popular beaches including those close to San Juan feature changing rooms, and showers.



Visitors to Puerto Rico will find plenty of opportunity to play tennis. Numerous tennis facilities are located throughout the Island, about 100 in all, mainly private courts at the larger hotels. There are many public and well lighted tennis courts in San Juan's Central Park, located in Miramar off of Roosevelt and Miramar avenue. Call 722-1646 for reservations.


Another public court, is located between El Morro Fortress and the Gardens of Casa Blanca in the historic zone of Old San Juan.



Volleyball is one of the many impulsive sports you can participate in during your visit to the beach. In addition selected beach sites throughout the island sponsor Volleyball Tournaments you just can't miss.


The annual National Beach Volleyball Tournament is held the last weekend of May and every weekend in June at selected beaches in Puerto Rico. Thousands of fans come to watch the best of teams from around the world in a fierce competition of  2-on-2.


The Return to the Sand Volleyball Tournament, is held in July and lasts for 4 weekends. All classes of players can compete in this 3-man competition.




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