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Surfing Introduction

Huge, recurrent waves, a favorable warm climate and some great looking beaches are three reasons why surfing enthusiasts make there way to Puerto Rico's shores. So pick up a board and ride the waves with some of our Island's best tube-shooters and curl-riders. 


If you're patient you can catch a swell practically anywhere along Puerto Rico's coasts, but you'll find the real surf beaches spread out along the north and south coast, and the very best swells concentrated along the northwest region of the Island. Novice and experienced  riders can surf around our Island year-round. The best conditions for surfing form during the winter months when winds are the strongest and waves the roughest.


North Coast

Fabulous beaches along the north coast of Puerto Rico offers some good year-round surf. Head east from San Juan and you will find plenty of beaches with kick to their surf. Thes includ La Parada Ocho in Escambrón, the Sheraton, the Sunset, La Punta, Dominós, the Pine Grove in Isla Verde, Chatarra, Aviones, Los Caballos, and Tocones just passed the Luis Muñoz Marin airport in Piñones, and La Pared, La Selva and Costa Azul beaches off the northeastern town of Luquillo.


Popular surfing locations are scattered along the coast west of San Juan as well. These include Breñas and Kikitas off Dorado, Los Tubos and Sarapa situated along Vega Baja and Manatí, the Hallows in Barceloneta. Several local beaches along Arecibo's coast include Peñón de Mero, Margara, La Marginal, Cueva del Indio, the Hollows, and Machuca. In Hatillo try Las Cabras.


Beautiful surfing beaches along the northwest coast from Isabela to Rincón offer the best chance for first-rate surfing. This region has traditionaly been home for international surfing competitions. During the winter season, from November to March, waves can reach heights of up to 20 feet. Along the coast of Isabela don't miss some beautiful surfing beaches including Jobos, Table Top, Secret Spot, Middles, and Shacks beach.


West Coast

Passed Isabela, along the coast by the former Ramey Base in Aguadilla, some great surfing beaches and surf sites include Surfer, Punta Borinquen, Wilderness, Gas Chambers, Crashboat, Wishing Well, Table Rock, and Bridges. South of Aguadilla lies Rincón, the westernmost point of Puerto Rico, and known for it's beautiful sunsets. The peak season here runs from October to April. Surf beaches along this quaint town includes Punta Higüero (Antonio's), Sandy Beach, Spanish Wall, Domes, Indicators, La Punta, María's, and Tres Palmas. For your convenience, there are pelenty of useful surf shops around this strip.


South Coast

In Puerto Rico during the summer months, from June through August, the high surf in the northwest shifts to the southeast coast of the Island. In Humacao, from Yabucoa to Patillas, surfing beaches are located along the coast. A popular site around this area include Inches, located in the town of Patillas. Don't forget to try El Cocal and Sharky's in Yabucoa.


East Coast

On the East coast several popular beaches include El Faro and Racetrack in Fajardo. Visitors will find limited surfing east of the mainland along Ensenada Honda on the Island of Culebra.


The following is a surfing hot spots lookup chart for quick referencing.

Hot Spots and Beaches for Surfing




Surfer, Punta Borinquen, Wilderness, Gas Chambers, Crashboat, Wishing Well, Table Rock, and Bridges


Peñón de Mero, Margara, La Marginal, Cueva del Indio, Hollows, Machuca

Condado (San Juan)

La Parada Ocho, Sheraton, Sunset, La Punta, Dominós


Breñas, Kikitas


El Faro, Racetrack


Las Cabras


Jobos, Table Top, Secret Spot, Middles and Shacks

Isla Verde  

Pine Groove


La Pared, La Selva

Manatí  / Vega Baja

Los Tubos, Sarapa




Chatarra, Aviones, Los Caballos, Chatarra and Tocones


Punta Higüero, Sandy Beach, Spanish Wall, Domes Indicators, La Punta, Marías, Tres Palmas


El Cocal, Sharky's


Surfing Tips

Approach the surf site with respect and common sense. Don't venture too far out from shore without your board. and, never surf alone. Arrive at the beach early, say 5:00  to  5:30 a.m. It's enough time to prepare your board before day-break. Surf shops are available with rentals, supplies, and directions to all the beaches. For a quick review on what the north and west shore of Puerto Rico have to offer, check out the surfing video La Bruja Puerto Rico at your favorite video store.




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